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Blitz Astral Quad

Blitz Astral Quad

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  • Jewel Tone Accents
  • Metallic Shadows
  • Multidimensional Finishes
  • Runway-Inspired
  • Award-Winning
  • Use Wet or Dry

Accent and accessorise your way to the astral plane with this bejeweled playset for eyes. Inspired by the daring opulence of avant-garde fashion and 80s Club Kids, this all-metallic shadow Quad sparkles with heavenly hues of rich antique gold, molten bronze, luminous plum-rose and iridescent orchid. A sublimely silky formula combines lightweight texture with gleaming, otherworldly illumination. Designed to be worn as eye jewelry, each shadow can be applied on its own for a vivid flash of brilliance or combined for a kaleidoscope of captivation.

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