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A Morphe Babe can never have too many bomb brushes. Keep your skills (and contour) sharp with 15 brand-new, high-end eye and face brushes that mix and mingle perfectly with the game-changin’ Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Master Collection.



  1. JH11 SWEEPING BEAUTY BRUSH (synthetic) - This domed dream delivers a smooth and flawless finish for all your face faves. “One sweep and you’ll be hooked. It’s that good.”
  2. JH12 UNDERCOVER LOVER BRUSH (synthetic) - Your under-eye blending game just got a serious upgrade with the help of this luxe babe. “For those days when you wake up and need to fake that beauty sleep.”
  3. JH13 POWDER PLAYER BRUSH (natural) - Perfectly curved to apply your powders with absolute precision and then blend everything out like a boss. “Every babe needs a bomb powder brush. This. Is. It.”
  4. JH14 BEST LIGHT BRUSH (natural) - Your highlight will hit a new level of lit thanks to these super-soft, tapered bristles. “I’m definitely livin’ my best life (and highlight) with this brush.”
  5. JH15 KNOW YOUR ANGLES BRUSH (natural) - Sculpt and blend like no other while you master multi-tasking with this sweeping beauty. “I’m obsessed with how chiseled I look after using this brush.”
  6. JH44 SHADOW HUSTLE BRUSH (synthetic) - This small-yet-mighty brush knows how to pack, place, and pop your shadows. “I reach for this brush every single morning. She just gets me.”
  7. JH45 BLENDING BOSS BRUSH (synthetic) - The blend’s the best part with this large-and-in-charge brush. “I live for a bomb blend and this brush gets it done.”
  8. JH46 MIGHTY DEFINE BRUSH (natural) - Shorty knows how to werk it and hit all the right spots. “This brush isn’t afraid to get all up in there and throw some shade.”
  9. JH47 EPIC EYELINER BRUSH (synthetic) - No matter your liner formula of choice, this edgy brush tackles everything from tightlines to straight-up lines. “This brush doesn’t mess around with eyeliner application. It delivers every single time.”
  10. JH48 COVER STORY BRUSH (synthetic) - Say bye-bye to those dark under-eye circles and imperfections, and hello to the real conceal deal. “Zits happen. This brush makes it seem like they didn’t.”
  11. JH49 THROUGH THICK & THIN BRUSH (synthetic) - A double-ended brow brush to sculpt, shape, and smooth those gorg arches of yours. “I wasn’t born with bomb brows. I created them using this amazing brush.”
  12. JH50 SLIGHTLY SHADY BRUSH (natural) - This brush is on everyone’s lids for some all-over color action. “The perfect size for that perfect sweep of color/colour over my entire lid.”
  13. JH51 NICE & PRECISE BRUSH (natural) - The name tells it like it is. This brush is a precision pro when applying cream and liquid shadows and concealers. “My glam routine would like to thank this brush.”
  14. JH52 DETAIL OBSESSED BRUSH (synthetic) - Tackle the detail work so you can master the art of that coveted cut crease (and then some). “I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Just like this brush.”
  15. JH53 FO’ CHISEL BRUSH (natural) - Get your eyes in a good place with this detailed babe. “My lids have never looked more flawless.”
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