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PureHeals - Propolis 80 Sleeping Pack - 100 mL

PureHeals - Propolis 80 Sleeping Pack - 100 mL

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This sleeping mask heals inflammations and hydrates your skin while you sleep, locking in all the nutrients from your other skincare products!

Why We Love It

It doesn’t matter what skin type you have, you’re bound to love this! Trust us, we were fighting over this one. This sleeping mask hydrated our skin without leaving a sticky/oily residue! Our acne, texture and bumps went poof! A complete staple in our skincare routines!

Key Ingredients + Benefits

Propolis Extract- A great ingredient for all skin types! Propolis helps heal the skin, fade dark spots and control oil production

Niacinamide- One of the greatest ingredients out there! Niacinamide helps hydrate and brighten while improving the skin barrier

When to Use

Reach for this holy grail before bed and you’ll wake up to smooth, hydrated and clear skin!



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